This Week in Worship – for Sunday, November 29th

First Sunday of AdventIcon1 Advent 1C

Advent is about the “coming days.” God’s people have always lived in great expectation, but that expectation finds specific, repeated enunciation in the texts appointed for these four weeks. The ancients anticipated a “righteous Branch to spring up for David.” The Thessalonians awaited “the coming of our Lord Jesus with all the saints.” Our Lord’s contemporaries hoped for the time “to stand before the Son of Man.” With them we eagerly await the coming days: another Christmas celebration, a second coming, and the advent of our Lord in word and supper.

First Reading: Jeremiah 33:14-16
Psalm: Psalm 25:1-10
Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13
Gospel: Luke 21:25-36
Color: Blue

“Truth” – Sermon for November 22, 2015

Christ the King Sunday
Sermon by Pastor Jeffrey Ingold
Gospel: John 18:33-37

This Week in Worship – for Sunday, November 22nd

Christ the King SundayIcon1 Christ the King

Even after Israel had experienced the vagaries of kings, they still longed for a true king to set things right. He would have the king’s title of Anointed One (Messiah); he would be the “one like a human being” (Son of Man) given dominion in Daniel’s vision. Jesus is given these titles, even though he is nothing like an earthly king. His authority comes from the truth to which he bears witness, and those who recognize the truth voluntarily listen to him. We look forward to the day he is given dominion, knowing his victory will be the nonviolent victory of love.

First Reading: Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14
Psalm: Psalm 93 (2)
Second Reading: Revelation 1:4b-8
Gospel: John 18:33-37

“Cup” – Sermon for November 15, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
Sermon by Pastor Jeffrey Ingold
Gospel: Mark 13:1-8

This Week in Worship – for Sunday, November 15th

Twenty-Fifth Sunday after PentecostIcon1 Lectionary 33B

November begins with All Saints Day and ends in or near Advent, when we anticipate Christ’s coming again. So the readings today tell of the final resurrection and the end time. In the turmoil of hope, fear, and disbelief that these predictions provoke in us, Hebrews sounds a note of confident trust. Christ makes a way for us where there is no way, and we walk it confidently, our hearts and bodies washed in baptismal water, trusting the one who has promised. The more we see the last day approaching, the more important it is to meet together to provoke one another to love.

First Reading: Daniel 12:1-3
Psalm: Psalm 16 (9)
Second Reading: Hebrews 10:11-14 [15-18] 19-25
Gospel: Mark 13:1-8
Color: Green

“Giving?” – Sermon for November 8, 2015

Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Sermon by Pastor Steve Cruys
Gospel: Mark 12:38-44

This Week in Worship – for Sunday, November 8th

Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecostimage110815

Widows are visible everywhere in today’s readings. Jesus denounces those scribes who pray impressive prayers but devour widows’ houses. He commends the poor widow who in his view gave far more than the major donors. Jesus doesn’t see her simply as an object of compassion or charity. She, like the widow of Zarephath who shares her last bit of food with Elijah, does something of great importance.

First Reading: 1 Kings 17:8-16
Psalm: Psalm 146 (8)
Second Reading: Hebrews 9:24-28
Gospel: Mark 12:38-44
Color: Green

“Saints” – Sermon for November 1, 2015

All Saints Day
Sermon by Pastor Jeffrey Ingold
Gospel: Mark 12:28-34

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Affirmation of Baptism – Reformation Sunday, October 25, 2015

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