Commitment Cards – It’s not too late!

Thank you to the over 1/2 of our members who have turned in your commitment card this past week. With your pledge of time, talent & treasure the leaders at APLC can better prepare for the 2015 ministry year.  If you have not been able to fill out a card, ask one of the ushers for one this morning, then put it into the offering plate.  Thank you for your commitment to APLC!

Spiritual Gifts

Want to find out what God has in mind for you? Beginning Monday evening, September 22 at 7pm, Pastor Jeffrey and Sarah Ingold will lead a discussion of “Discovering God’s Vision For Your Life.” To join this group, please sign up in the narthex.

Update on 2014 Commitment Cards

Thanks to everyone who submitted commitment cards for 2014 last Sunday! There was a great initial response: 63 pledges totaling $203,810. If you did not have an opportunity to submit your card, it is not too late! Commitment cards can continue to be turned into the church office at any time. We need everyone’s response so that the congrgation can responsibly make decisions about the 2014 budget at the congregational meeting on December 8th

Workshop on Percentage Giving

(designed and led by Pastor Jeffrey Ingold)
To help you become better aware of the biblical concept Percentage Giving (also called tithing, sacrificial giving, first fruits giving) and to strive to apply it to your own life, you are invited to attend this 45 minute workshop. This is a non-binding, informational workshop to enable you to consider more specifically how you can empower the ministry of Abiding Presence to become more financially healthy. Here is what you can expect: We will talk about what Percentage Giving is and where the concept comes from; why it is important in the life of a faithful child of God; how it is crucial to the church; and introduction to the ways you can practice it for your own life? Sign up today for one of the opportunities to experience this workshop available on Wednesday, November 20 at 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Balanced Ministry: 1 + 1 + 1

November is the month we focus our attention on Balanced Ministry at Abiding Presence. Based upon the principle of the 3-Legged Stool, if all three legs are sturdy and equal, a person can be confident to use it to help reach for something otherwise out-of-reach.

That principle is true of ministry, too. In order for a ministry to be balanced it takes an equal distribution of Worship, Service & Learning, and Financial Support. With 3 legs of ministry sturdy and equal, people can be confident that Abiding Presence is a place to reach for things we otherwise may struggle to reach: growing closer to God, in relationship to one another, and in service to the world around us.

Please join me in making our emphasis this month one that inspires our whole congregation toward a deeper commitment to worship regularly; get involved in some area of service and learning as each of us commits to spend at least 1 hour monthly aside from worship to enhance the work of the church and grow in faith; and deepen your commitment toward a more financially viable church by increasing your financial support to APLC.

  • Perfect Attendance Sunday, November 3 – Let’s show our commitment toward worshipping God. (additional worship event provided at 5:30 p.m.)
  • Sign Up Sunday, November 10 – Get involved in some other area of ministry apart from worship
  • Try a Tithe Sunday, November 17 – Give a 10% tithe (for those who do not tithe, simply calculate your annual income, divide it by 52 weeks, then multiply it by 10%)


Pastor Jeffrey Ingold