Worship, Music & Arts

Music and Art aid us in our expression of our faith; we can use it to further express ourselves in conversation with God, as prayer, praise, lament, or thanksgiving.

The congregation of Abiding Presence Lutheran Church enjoys music and art in a variety of ways as is reflected in our worships.  We celebrate God’s gift of music and dance and use them to give our thanks and praise to God.  As a Lutheran congregation, our worships are liturgical, that is, following an historical order within the worship-flow and with an emphasis on congregational participation.  The role of the choirs or bands is to help the congregation participate in the music and worship.  Additionally music groups or soloists may also offer inspiring musical offerings in worship.

We currently offer two main musical styles within our worship settings.

Summer worship hours (June-August):

  • 9:00am – Contemporary worship music led by band
  • 10:45am – Traditional worship music led by piano, organ, choir

Regular worship hours (September-May):

  • 8:30am – Contemporary worship music led by band
  • 11:00am – Traditional worship music led by piano, organ, choir

Many of our congregation’s music and arts groups are resuming rehearsals this fall.  If you have a joy for sharing music or dance with others, you are welcome to join us.  Check out all of the groups below and learn how you can share your musical or dance gifts!  Contact Amanda if you are interested at amanda@doveandcross.org.

Wee Rejoice!ages 3 through Kindergarten

Children ages 3 through Kindergarten who love music will have a great time in Wee Rejoice!  Parents do not need to attend with their children.  The children will move with music, sing songs about Bible stories and themes and have a lot of fun praising God together.  Wee Rejoice meets at 6:00pm on the Wednesdays in October and May.

Singing Angels1st-5th grade

Young singers in first-fifth grade will have a great time in the Singing Angels.  Singers will learn a variety of fun songs of faith that will likely stick with them for the rest of their lives.  As they learn the songs and motions, and sometimes even sign language, they will also be building worship leading skills as they prepare songs to offer in worship.  The Singing Angels meet at 6:00pm on the Wednesdays in October and May.

Youth Band6th-12th grade

Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers, this is for you!  Do you enjoy singing Christian pop songs?—join the Youth Band.  Do you enjoy playing guitar or keyboard or have skills and experience as a drummer?—join the Youth Band.  Youth band musicians will combine their musical gifts and skills to sing and play through worshipful songs.  The Youth Band meets at 6:00pm on the Wednesdays in September and January.

Guitar Jam Session3rd grade – adults

If you like to play guitar and want to practice your chords with friends, you’ll have a great time at Guitar Jam Session.  Guitarists in 3rd grade through adults will have fun reviewing basic chords as they play through a variety of worship songs.  The supportive large group instruction is casual as guitarists work on transitioning from chord to chord and build on their skills.  More experienced guitarists are encouraged to attend and sit near a newer guitarist to help aid in instruction.  Guitar Jam Session meets at 6:00pm on most Wednesdays in November and February.

Worshipful Dancersall ages

If you like to dance and love God, you will enjoy being in the Worshipful Dancers.  This group learns choreography to a variety of musical styles.  They offer their dances in worship as a visual expression of the music’s message and worshipful inspiration.  The Worshipful Dancers meet at 6:00pm on the Wednesdays in September and January.

Chancel Choir9th grade through adults

If you like to sing in choirs, this is a really fun group to join!  The Chancel Choir helps lead the liturgy and hymns at the 11:00am worship and often offers special music anthems.  In our rehearsals, we practice some fun warm-ups to enhance our singing technique and then practice the liturgy and hymns for the upcoming Sunday while also learning anthems.  It’s a lot of fun!  You do not need to be able to read music to join; although, you may end up learning how to read a little bit.  J  If you can’t commit to coming every week, you can still be a part of the group; pop in and out whenever your schedule allows and make a joyful noise–bring your voice, perhaps a water bottle, and a worshipful heart!  Don’t be afraid to use what God has given you!  The Chancel Choir meets at 7:00pm on most Wednesdays September through May.

Praise Team – Adults

If you enjoy Christian music in a band-style, you’ll enjoy the Praise Team!  The Praise Team is a group of adults who lead the liturgy and songs at the 8:30am worship and often offers special music anthems.  In rehearsals, we run-thru upcoming liturgy and songs.  The Praise Team’s current instrumentation is made up singers, guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, bass guitarist, and flute.  The singers and instrumentalists take turns leading the worship music on Sunday mornings and do not need to commit to leading every week.  You also do not need to be able to read music to participate in the group.  The Praise Team meets at 7:00pm on Tuesdays.

Chime Choir – ages 13 through adults

If you have always wanted to play an instrument, you will enjoy participating in the Chime Choir.  It is easy to learn to play the chimes—no special skills are required—if you can count, you can ring!  As you learn to play beautiful music on a couple of chimes, you will experience how all of the parts together make an even more beautiful musical sound!  Anyone from 13 to 93 is welcome.  The Chime Choir meets on Thursday evenings from 6:45-7:45 beginning September 8th; join us for some musical fun and fellowship.  Please contact Gaylene Henry iplaypiano@cdix.org if you have any questions.