Text: Luke 2:41-52 (1 Samuel 2:18-20, 26; Colossians 3:12-17)

The Christmas presents are open, and the treasure is revealed. Some of that treasure will give joy for days, weeks or months to come. Other treasures will or already have been returned. One of the biggest retail dates next to Christmas is the day after Christmas, when everyone returns the gifts they do not treasure. What is it that you treasure and what do you return? Many will begin to pack up their boxes and decorations and put Christmas away. We in the church, however, celebrate 12 days of Christmas. This 12 days is our way of treasuring in our hearts the message of God with us. This leads us into Epiphany as we look for Christ appearance in our lives and world. Throughout the Gospel of Luke, Mary is said to have pondered or treasured certain things in her heart regarding her son. From the angel’s proclamation that she would bear a son, to Jesus hanging on the cross and his resurrection, Mary treasured these things in her heart. In the reading from Samuel, his mother treasured the Lord, more than she treasured her son. This placed her son not under her care, but in the service and care of the Lord. In turning over her treasure (Samuel) the Lord, not only was Samuel blessed, but so was her whole family. Colossians reminds us that we should treasure our relationship with God enough to wear it. To treasure the Lord, is to invite him to dwell in your heart (will). As we move from Christmas to Epiphany, what will you treasure in your heart, and what will you give to the Lord? Mary gave everything to the Lord, but treasured all God’s promises in her heart. The Lord is near!