Overall Theme: A witness is “a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident take place.” The scripture calls us to witness to the mighty acts of love, but we were not there on that Easter morning. How can we be witnesses to what we did not see? We were not there when the stone was rolled back. We never looked into the empty tomb or encountered the angels. This is just a story that has been handed down to us. We may believe it to be true, but can we be considered witnesses to the resurrection. The answer to this is found not in the “what” of the resurrection, but in the “who”. Jesus Christ is risen! Others shared the story of this with me, but that is not what makes me a witness. I have seen the Lord active in my life. The stories and testimony of others has revealed the character of Christ, but it is the living presence of God active in my life that has made me a witness. Where are you chosen by God to be a witness? Where has the living Lord encountered you? During this Easter season, we will be reflecting on God’s call to each of us to be witnesses. How has God chosen you to be a witness?