Pentecost to August: Spirit Gave Them Ability

Overall Theme:  What does it mean to “Live God’s Love?” This is the mission
statement of Abiding Presence Lutheran Church but what does it mean? Living is
an active verb that can be both observed and measured. In the Lutheran Church,
we sometimes struggle with the relationship between faith and works. We believe
we are saved by grace through faith and not by works, yet we can’t value this
mission of living God’s love unless we address the importance and role of
works. During this first part of the season of Pentecost, we will explore this
relationship of faith, works and life. First, we will explore faith as a gift,
then we will explore works as an expression of that faith, and finally we will
explore life as the vehicle through which the gift of faith is expressed in
works. All of this begins through the gift of God through the Holy Spirit. It
is the Spirit who gives the ability to live God’s Love.

WRITTEN BY: Abiding Presence

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