Main Text: 1 Timothy 6:6-19 (Amos 6:1a,4-7; Luke 16:19-31)

We come full circle this week to where we began in August. The theme has been “On the Basis of Love.” We have been exploring God’s love as the foundation on which we are to build our lives. This week we are reminded that this foundation of God’s love is the only sure foundation capable of sustaining the future. In Amos, the prophet is pointing out those who have built their lives on self-love and indulgence at the expense of everyone and everything else. The prophet says that they will be the first to experience Exile. Their present comfort will not lead to their future security. In the letter to Timothy, the love of money is pointed out as the “root of all kinds of evil.” Many have built their lives and future on the pursuit of more and wandered away from the appreciation of enough. The story of Lazarus and the rich man is another example of the change of fortune for those who have built on the foundation of riches rather than right relationship. On what foundation do you count on? Are you desperately trying to build your own security, or are you built on the solid foundation of God’s love? God’s Love is the only good foundation for the future. May we be built on the solid foundation of Christ!