Main Text: 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 (Genesis 32:22-31; Luke 18:1-8)

The readings this week stress persistence in our approach to God. When we step up, we are invited to do so with confidence knowing that God has everything we need for every good work. Jacob wrestles with God and would not let go until God blessed him. He had so much confidence that this blessing would be there that he did not even let go when in pain from his hip being dislocated. Paul urges Timothy also to persistence in sharing the Gospel no matter what the circumstances. He points to scripture not as something to be wielded but used for the purpose of equipping and training everyone for good work and to carry out ministry fully. The Gospel has Jesus asking the question that if persistence works with the unjust judge, how much more will it work with the one who loves justice. Step up with persistence before God and God will equip us with faith for good work in the name of Jesus!