December 8th ( 2nd Sunday of Advent): “Abound in Hope”

Main Text: Romans 15:4-13 (Isaiah 11:1-10; Matthew 3:1-12)

speaks of waiting, but this waiting is not standing still. As we await and
prepare for the coming of Christ and a new beginning, how are we to be found.
Paul tells us to abound in hope. Hope is not a stagnant feeling but a forward
looking vision. Hope sees a future that ones eyes can’t see. Hope encourages a
journey toward a future that is uncertain. Hope, connected with faith and love,
allows us to move forward in holy anticipation of meeting Christ on the
journey. In the Gospel reading, John the Baptist is calling the people of God
to a journey. He is making the path straight for the coming of Christ, but he
is also pointing the people toward the Christ. Isaiah is pointing ahead to the
hope we now know in Christ. It is that hope that is to lead us. In this time of
preparation for a new ministry relationship, it is time for the people of God
to wake up, put on the armor of light and move forward to greet this new time
abounding in hope.

WRITTEN BY: Abiding Presence

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