Main Text: John 1:1-18 (Jeremiah 31:7-14; Ephesians 1:3-14)

Even as you prepare to receive a new year and a new pastor, it is important to remember what has always been. “In the beginning was the Word.” Though the new pastor will bring new ways of being and doing into the life of Abiding Presence Church, they are and will continue to be grounded in what has been not only from the beginning of this congregation but from the beginning of time. We are not the creators of the Word, the Word is the creator of us. God spoke all things into creation. The good news is that God did not die on the cross. The good news is that the Word is not nailed to a tree. The good news is that God continues to speak and create in and through us. Our task is not to create, but to testify to what God is creating. God has a plan for the fullness of time. That plan involves redemption as envisioned by Jeremiah. That plan is according to the good pleasure of God put forth in Christ. Get ready people of God, the time has come according to the Spirit. It is the beginning!