Main Text: John 1:29-42 (Isaiah 49:1-7; 1 Corinthians 1:1-9)

What are you looking for? This was Jesus question to John’s disciples. They had heard John himself identify Jesus as the “Lamb of God”. John had actually said it twice. Jesus question, however, is an important one for those who seek to follow Jesus. What are you looking for? Are we looking for a savior to love us as we are, or do we want one who can lead us toward who God called us to be? What are your expectations of Jesus? This is what Jesus was asking John’s followers. To follow Jesus was different than following John. John’s ministry was calling them to repent or turn around so they could see. Jesus was calling them to move into a new life. Their answer satisfied Jesus. “Where are you staying.” Dwelling with Jesus was what they were looking for. In the reading from Isaiah, God identifies Israel as God’s chosen people. Israel responds that they have not acted like it. They spent their strength on themselves and not on their relationship with God. None the less, they recognize that God is the one to whom they are looking now. God invites them to dwell with him. He invites them into an even greater mission than the one they had just failed at doing. Paul introduces himself to the Corinthians, but not as an invitation for them to follow him. Rather, he reminds them that like himself, they are called and chosen by the grace of God. Paul invites them to dwell with Christ. What are you looking for? Is your desire to dwell with Christ? By the grace of God, we are invited to do just that.