Main Text: Matthew 5:13-20 (Isaiah 58:1-12; 1 Corinthians 2:1-12)

Knowing that the light is different than the darkness, we are called to be people of the light. We are called not to reflect the broken behavior and relationships that define the world and that plunges it into chaos and darkness. We are the epiphany of God in the darkness of the world. We are called to let our light shine before others that they may give Glory to God. Isaiah speaks of practiced righteousness. If the people of Israel had practiced righteousness, they would have reflected it. Instead, they wondered why God did not seem to listen or hear them. Was it that God was not listening or hearing, or that they were not? Even now, God invites them to turn away from the darkness and into the light. God invites them to invite Him into their life so that they can be light in the darkness. He invites them to put away the bitterness and wrangling. He invites them to seek justice and mercy. When they do, it will not only change their circumstances. It will change the world. Paul continues to contrast the power of the world with the power of God. We also can get caught in the darkness of our time and confused by the power of the world. The power of the world is like a single light bulb. The power of God is like the sun. When we let our lights shine, we are more than a candle. We become a beacon that draws more into the light of Christ. Consider your call brothers and sisters. How are you letting your light shine?