Take me out to the ball game! Please join us on Friday, June 28th at 6:30pm at Ting Park in Holly Springs to watch the Holly Springs Salamanders baseball game. It will be so much fun to enjoy a baseball game as a group. Below is the link to purchase your tickets. You have 2 options: You can either get a ticket for $12 for just the seat, or you can get a ticket for $22 which includes food and a drink. (You can still purchase food separately at the game.) Whichever you choose, we will still be sitting together. If you try to purchase tickets and they are not available, please contact me and I will have the representative from Ting release more seats. Ticket order deadline is June 21st at 5:00pm. See you at the game!

Order Tickets Here: https://fevo-enterprise.com/Abidingpresence2