APLC and the NC Synod take sexual harassment and misconduct very seriously. That is why all rostered leaders are required to participate regularly in training that addresses sexual misconduct and gender-based harassment. This is also why all of our APLC staff as well as a growing number of our volunteers who work with youth and children regularly participate in safe sanctuaries training. Finally, it is why our congregation council has updated our policy against Sexual Harassment and Misconduct and put in place a process by which anyone may report an experience of sexual harassment or misconduct at APLC.

Despite our best efforts and the call of Jesus to create safe, life-giving communities of faith, we know situations of harassment and misconduct can still happen. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment or misconduct by one of our visitors, members, staff, or rostered leaders, we encourage you to report it using this link to our reporting form. Your report will be received and addressed confidentially by two designated members of our congregation council.