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Update: Unfortunately, all outdoor gathered and drive-in Christmas Eve services have been canceled because of the stormy weather.  However, drive-thru Holy Communion will be available from 1:00 to 1:30 pm on Christmas Day!

Two Opportunities for Christmas Eve Worship on December 24

4:30 pm Outdoor Gathered and Drive-in Service of Holy Communion

This will be our only Holy Communion service for the month of December.

Our gathered congregation will be seated in the lower parking lot in front of God’s House of Rock.  Sign up here in order to be seated.  Please bring your own chair and clothing to stay warm.  You will receive by email an electronic bulletin to read on your phone.

There will also be parking spaces available in the lower lot for those who are too medically vulnerable to be seated.  People in vehicles may listen to the service through their open windows, and receive communion in their cars.

In the event of rain on Christmas Eve, we will not gather for a full outdoor worship service; however, there will be a short service of drive-in Holy Communion, rain or shine, at 4:30 pm.

7 pm Christmas Eve Service of the Word Streamed on YouTube and Facebook

As Lutherans, we gather to participate in worship, to return thanks and praise for all that God has given us. In a typical Sunday morning worship, we participate by praying, singing, reading/listening to the Bible, speaking, confessing our sins, receiving forgiveness, sharing God’s peace, giving an offering, receiving Holy Communion.