Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you out to get new supplies?   It is so much fun to open up a new box of crayons that were not broken! Or, to use a new pencil that still has the eraser on the end! Unfortunately, not all kids who start school will be able to shop for new items. Not only that, but many students don’t always get a snack after school.  This year, we will collecting supplies and snacks to help students in need at  Ballentine Elementary School, which is right down the road from APLC.  A list of requested items can be found on our Amazon Wish list

Please select “Abiding Presence Lutheran Church Gift Registry address” if you wish for your donated items to be shipped directly to APLC, but feel free to buy similar items locally and drop your gifts off at the church.  School has already started for some students so if you would like to help, please feel free to start shopping right away.  We will be distributing items as needed by the school. Lets see how many items we can collect by Sunday, September 10th which is God Work Our Hands Sunday! 

Thank you for helping support the children of our community.