Advent & Christmas 2018-2019
The Lord is Near

Overall Theme:  Many speak of heaven as if it is a long way away in both time and space. Bette Midler’s song “From a Distance”, pictures a God who is watching all of this from a distance. Though God is not entwined in our circumstances, our faith proclaims that God is very much near and present in all circumstances. When we make God so close to our brokenness and struggle as to be the cause of it, it can lead to anger and rejection of relationship with God. When we make God so distant from all of these things, we picture a God who is aloof and disconnected. During this season of Advent, we will explore what happens when the Lord is near. How do we distinquish the near presence of God from the circumstances of our life and world? How does the presence of God make a difference in our lives and circumstances? How can we receive and draw closer to the power and presence of God? These are some of the questions we will be addressing in this season of Advent. God is not watching us from a distance. The Lord is near!