Main Text: 2 Timothy 2:8-15 (2 Kings 5:1-3, 7-15c; Luke 17:11-19

All three readings in different ways involve presenting oneself to God. In the first reading, Naaman’s journey to find healing from Leprosy ultimately has him confessing God present. He first tried the politically recognized avenues of power, but found a king not clothed in power but fear. He then presented himself before the prophet, but the prophet would not come out and heal him the way he wanted. Instead, the prophet pointed Naaman to the river where he could find healing from God. Where do we present ourselves for healing, strength and hope? Who and where we step up to is key to finding what we need to step out in faith. In this letter to Timothy, Paul is pointing out the difference between our actions and God’s especially when it comes to faithfulness and freedom. Though we may be bound and faithless, God never is chained or faithless. Step up and present yourself to God and receive His freedom and faithfulness. The Gospel story speaks of 10 lepers whom Jesus healed, but only one came back to say thanks. They presented themselves to the religious leaders but failed to thank God. They were only healed in body. The one who presented himself before the Lord found healing and wholeness. Let us step up and present ourselves before God so that we can step out healed and transformed to live God’s love!