Overall Theme: The disciples asked Jesus, “Increase our faith!” Having just told them the challenges they would face and what was expected of them as disciples, they quickly recognized that they would need far more faith then they ever had before. What about us? Knowing what the Lord expects of us and having set Living God’s Love as our mission not only for our community life but in all of life, do you find yourself wanting to ask the Lord to increase our faith. The Stewardship Theme chosen for this year is Step up and Step Out. Stepping up is how we increase our faith. Stepping out is putting that faith to work. Over the next couple of months we will mine the lectionary scripture passages for guidance on how we can step up and step out with the hope of growth in our faith and mission of living God’s Love through engagement, generosity and love. It really doesn’t take much. Even the faith of a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds can’t be contained when planted. May our faith grow and spread as well!