December 29th ( 1st Sunday of Christmas): “Fulfill What Has Been Spoken”

Main Text: Matthew 2:13-23 (Isaiah 63:7-9; Hebrews 2:10-18)

have done a lot of talking over this past year together. From the Café
conversations to the “Finding the Verb” exercise that led to a new mission
statement and the “Rule of Love” developed. This conversation has identified
who you are as a community of faith and why you exist. It identified the gifts
God has given you and how they are used. The last Café we did was to identify
the five areas of focus desired of the new pastor and the five ways that APLC
will support that pastor. You said that you would pray for the new pastor, actively
participate, offer gifts (time, talent and treasure), have an open mind and
work collaboratively. Now it is time for you to fulfill these words spoken as
you receive your new pastor in the new year. This passage in the gospel of
Matthew is difficult for us to hear. It is the story of the martyr of the
innocents. It is also, however, the story of God’s incredible love of God for
the world. Despite the evil and dangers, God so loved the world that he sent
his own son to fulfill what has been spoken through the prophets. Now, as APLC
receives this new relationship and vision, may your resolve also lead you to
fuill all the words that you have been spoken.

WRITTEN BY: Abiding Presence

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