Overall Theme: When we in the church speak of Call, inevitably everyone’s mind goes to the ordained clergy. Luther, however, was very clear that we are all called into vocation. Luther passionately believed that no matter what we do for a living, we are all called to do it to the glory of God. This means that it is not the what that is as important as the how and the why that directs our lives. Epiphany means “appearance or manifestation.” As we have received the gift of Christ at Christmas, we recognize the light has come into the darkness. Even more so, we recognize that we are the ones called to carry that light into the darkness of our world. Paul tells us to consider our own call. Recognizing that we are not chosen because of who we are. Instead, we are chosen because of the grace of God. During this season of Epiphany, we are going to consider our own call. We are going to reflect on the scriptures of this season and mine them for the how and the why God has called us. First, however, we begin with the who has called us in the first place.