February 23rd (Transfiguration Sunday): “Transfigured Before Them”

Main Text: Matthew 17:1-9 (Exodus 24:12-18; 2 Peter 1:16-21)

and Elijah were with them on the mountain talking with Jesus. Moses was the law
giver. We hear of his journey to the mountain in Exodus to receive the law on
stone tablets. The law was never meant to be lived outside of relationship with
God. Unfortunately, that is what began to happen. They knew the what, but
forgot the who, the how and the why. That is where Elijah and the prophets came
in. The prophets were the ones calling them beyond the letter of law and into
the spirit of the law within relationship to God who is the giver of the law.
The prophets sought for the community both corporately and individually to
embody the law as God intended it to be. Instead, the leaders began to make the
law embody their limited and futile vision and values. Jesus being on the
mountain with Moses and Elijah was no coincidence. Embodied in Jesus was not
only the law but its fulfillment. Jesus transfiguration is also ours. We are
called to be transfigured. There are those who can quote law but fail to behave
in the spirit of it. There are those who believe that there should be no laws
or rules to govern except personal desires and needs, but this leads to chaos
and inequity. Instead, we are called to be transfigured by the love of God in Jesus
Christ. We are to embody not only the letter of the law but the spirit of the
law as well. We are called to be transfigured into the image of Jesus Christ.
As we leave the season of Epiphany and enter the season of Lent, may we
consider our call brothers and sisters and come down the mountain with Jesus in
order to embody the fullness of Christ.

WRITTEN BY: Abiding Presence

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